A-Z Nr. Title Artist
0-9 1 51st State New Model Army
A 2 Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love Van Halen
  3 Alive Pearl Jam
  4 Another Brick In The Wall Korn (Pink Floyd Cover)
  5 Auf gute Freunde Boehse Onkelz
B 6 Behind Blue Eyes Limp Bizkit (The Who Cover)
  7 Beth Kiss
  8 Billie Jean The Bates (Michael Jackson Cover)
  9 Bodycount is in the house Bodycount (Ice T)
  10 Born To Be Wild Steppenwolf
  11 Boys Of Summer The Ataris (Don Henley Cover)
  12 By the way Red Hot Chili Peppers
C 13 Come Together Gotthard (The Beatles Cover)
D 14 Detroit Rock City Kiss
E 15 Enter Sandman   Metallica
F 16 Fear Of The Dark Iron Maiden
H 17 Here I Go Again   Whitesnake
  18 Hush Gotthard (Deep Purple Cover)
I 19 In the End Linkin Park
K 20 Kryptonite 3 Doors Down
L 21 Land Of Confusion Disturbed (Genesis Cover)
M 22 Maniac Sargant Fury (Michael Sambrello Cover)
  23 Major Tom Kontrollverlust (Peter Schilling Cover)
  24 Mother Danzig
N 25 Not My Time 3 Doors Down
P 26 Paranoid Black Sabbath
  27 Policy Of Truth Terry Hoax (Depeche Mode Cover)
R 28 Rainbow In The Dark Corey Taylor (DIO Cover)
  30 Rebel Yell Billy Idol
  31 Rock You Like A Hurricane Scorpions
  32 Rockstar Nickelback
S 33 Stayin' Alive San Di Ego (Bee Gees Cover)
W 34 White Wedding Billy Idol
  35 Whole Lotta Love Led Zeppelin
  36 Westerland Die Ärzte